Factory Reconditioning

Stock of Yamaha U1′s and Kawai K series in our warehouse

The difference between Re-polished and Fully Reconditioned.

With complete justification, most experienced pianists are wary of the term “reconditioned piano”. There are many pianos incorrectly described on line as reconditioned but in reality they are often merely secondhand instruments shipped to the UK and re polished in a workshop. Many so-called “reconditioned” pianos are merely re-polished and that shiny new casework is no guarantee as to the quality of the action or other mechanical elements.

All our pianos are factory re-conditioned. This means they are stripped down to the bare case that then allows them to be totally re-polished both inside and out. All mechanical parts are either re conditioned or replaced so that the finished piano is virtually indistinguishable from new.

Unless otherwise stated, all our pianos are rated as ‘ A’ grade condition so that all aspects of the instrument such as the case, key action, tuning pins and strings are in ‘as new’ condition. The purchase of a factory rebuilt piano from Arthur Lord guarantees that a number of core principles will have been observed:

  • The used instrument to be rebuilt will have been selected by trained experts adhering to a lengthy checklist of criteria relating to all aspects of the condition of the piano. In particular the soundboard is examined and any with defects in this area are rejected.
  • The selected instrument will be fully dismantled and each component examined in a piano factory environment. Many components will be replaced with new as a matter of course.
  • All key facings are replaced (rather than re polished) so that the keyboard is devoid of scratches of any kind.
  • The case is stripped down. Individual cabinet components are re polished and re-assembly is by skilled piano technicians in a fully equipped piano factory.
  • Rigorous quality control procedures are adhered to at every stage of the rebuilding process ensuring that your piano is indistinguishable from new.
  • We provide a 5 year warranty backed by Arthur Lord Organs Ltd a much respected firm established for nearly fifty years.