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Yamaha U1H
Price: £2,600


Yamaha’s U-series pianos are benchmark instruments and have long been the leading choice for educational institutions, professional musicians and discriminating home pianists with a glorious tone and elegant traditional styling would grace any setting. The Yamaha U1 is the smallest in the U-series range, yet despite it’s compact size it has a rich and sweet tone ideal for the average home. All our U1′s have the later styling with traditional square section legs (earlier models had a solid infill panel). All  U1′s have a middle pedal that allows quiet practice.

Yamaha U3
Price: £3,250


Yamaha pianos are renowned the world over for their superb tone quality and robust construction and for their reliable performance over time. They play an important role in the performing arts and music education and are consistently among the pianos most highly recommended by piano tuner/technicians and a leading choice of pianists. The Yamaha U3 is a more powerful piano ideal for larger rooms and are a firm favorite for churches or schools where the extra power is needed. They have a deep bass and a resonant tone that make this consistently one of Yamaha’s most sought-after models – a …

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Yamaha G2
Price: £8,690


The Yamaha G Series grands and the later C series range have long been the heart of the Yamaha’s more upmarket grand piano line up. The Yamaha G2 has a lovely velvety tone with real warmth offering a broad dynamic range with fine expressive control and the responsive key touch encourages use of the full range of dynamics. It has a superb bass end that marks this as a superbly built piano. At 5’ 6” this grand piano is large enough to provide a distinctive rich tone yet compact enough to fit in most living rooms.

Yamaha U3X
Price: £3,450


Identical to the U3 from the front but the back panel has an “X” shaped timber brace as opposed to the vertical braces of the usual U-series. This is supposed to give a better sound but we haven’t noticed it. We can tell you though that they are heavier! If you want a slightly rarer U3 then consider the “X” variant.

Kawai KS2F
Price: £2,150


Similar in design to the Yamaha U1 this instrument is a viable more economic alternative. Usually slightly brighter in tone than the Yamaha but built to a comparable quality standard and great value. Sale this month just £2,150.